Faithful in the Midst

Faith in The Midst of Struggle



Tonya King Headshots-5Hello! My name is Tonya King and I am a Certified Christian Life Coach. I hold Bachelor’s degrees in both Christian Coaching and Christian Counseling from Liberty University. I specialize in mental health issues and how faith in Jesus Christ is the missing link in all wellness and recovery.  As a mental health coach, I come alongside people living with mental illness to help with coping strategies, day-to-day life, and learning how to live with your diagnosis.  I also come alongside the families of those who have been diagnosed to help them learn to love and care for their loved one who has been diagnosed with mental illness.

I am also a writer, blogger, and speaker.  I’m available to speak at venues concerning mental health and faith and my blog centers on how mental illness and faith are intertwined.  When we leave our faith out of our recovery, our recovery is incomplete and disjointed. When we turn to Christ for our healing and restoration, He is able and willing to answer our prayers.

I reside in Perry, Ohio where I live with my husband of 32years and my second son.  My other three children and my grandchildren live close by.  I have been walking with Christ most of  my life, but I have gone deeper in my relationship with Jesus over the last 16 years.   But the thing that makes me most qualified to coach, speak and write on faith and mental illness is that I have suffered with bipolar disorder for most of my life.  So I am both a coach and a consumer. I understand the nuances of living everyday life with a chronic illness and I have learned some very hard life lessons I would like to share with you so you can learn from my experiences.

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