Encouragement, Mental Health

God will always Breakthrough

I must be honest. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Covid 19 has completely changed the way we do life.  Here in the States, specifically Ohio where I live, we are encouraged to wear masks everywhere we go. Stores are opening but only allowing a few people in at a time. Restaurants are only open for take out and patio dining. Life is definitely different and I’m not sure if it will ever get back to the point we once were. It’s easy to get depressed and feel hopeless during these times.

There have been many suicides attributed to the Covid 19 Virus. People afraid they have it, people getting depressed because they have been cut off from the outside world. Those of us with mental illness are feeling the effects of isolation and fear a bit deeper than others. Darkness seems to be everywhere. Depression is deep and anxiety overwhelming.

But as I write this, I am looking outside my picture window, and do you know what I see?  Sunshine! Bright beautiful sunshine.  It reminds me that no matter how dark I get God’s light always breaks through.  John 1:5 says…

            “And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it”.

We need to remember that we are not going to be left in darkness. Jesus came to bring light and love into the world. That light and love is still here. We may lose sight of it in our current situation, but we are still surrounded by His light.  There is no darkness deep enough that God cannot shine through. And what happens when light meets darkness? The darkness flees.

Your enemy would like nothing more than for you to be immobilized by the fear and the darkness you are living in.  It makes him so happy to render believers helpless. But Jesus defeated Satan and we live in that victory. We live in the light! It may seem harder to see amid these circumstances, but if you look hard enough, you’ll see it. It may be dim at first, but as you go towards it, it will get brighter and brighter. So how do we go towards it?  We pray, we read our Bibles, we soak in His presence and we trust Him to help us through this time.

Sometimes, we do all these things and we don’t get relief right away. That’s OK. Keep pressing in. God is faithful and He will restore you. Yes, the way we do life has changed. Things may never get back to what we consider normal and we will all have to live with that. But the way we seek God, interact with Him, love Him, does not have to change.  He is still on the throne, still in control and He still loves us.

God is our light in the darkness and that light will always breakthrough.

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