Christian Living

5 Ways to Stir your Faith

I write a lot about mental illness and faith.  However, there are many more aspects to a believer’s life that do not center around illness.  I am going to begin sprinkling in different posts on subjects such as “Christian Living, Spiritual Wellness, and Encouragement” in addition to my posts on mental health.

I’d like to touch on a subject today that I tussle with quite a bit.  It is how to stir up your faith. When we are newly saved, it’s like a honeymoon period.  We are so in love with Jesus that having faith is quite easy and it feels great. But, at some point, life enters that relationship and faith can begin to wane.  What do we do?

I have found that when my faith is running a bit thin, I have difficulty praying and doubts bombard my mind.  I start asking questions that I know the answer to but have trouble believing. God seems far away.  I know the problem is not with God, but with me. So, I determine to spend more time with God, to pray more but those efforts seem to fall flat. But I did find a few ways to stir up my faith.

  • Spend time “soaking” in the presence of God:

 Find a place where you can get away from distractions, turn on some instrumental praise music, and just center your spirit with the Holy Spirit and allow yourself to connect. It is not hard; it just takes some patience.

  • Get in the Word:

If you want to know God and grow closer to Him, you need to find time to get into His Word. Take time every day to read and study. Before you can grow your faith, you need to know the God of faith. Do not feel overwhelmed. Just take some time and let His Word permeate your soul.

  • Worship:

Praising God’s greatness, goodness, and beauty in words, music or silence is a wonderful way to stir your faith. Reading the Psalms aloud is one of the easiest ways to worship God.

  • Prayer:

Conversing with God about what is on your mind, no matter what the subject or what we are experiencing is a powerful way to build your faith. Not only can you pray for yourself, but praying for others can, and often does, fuel your faith because you are not making it all about you. This may be difficult when your faith is low, but just a little talk with Jesus can make a big difference.

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