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I seem to be going through a bit of a dry spell with my faith walk.  Have you ever experienced this?  It isn’t that I lack faith in God…Oh no, it is just that my quiet time, and prayer time have gone a bit stale. It feels as if I am praying the same prayers, reading and studying the same things, finding nothing refreshing.  Today, I asked God what was going on. You know what He said?  One word – distractions! I understood what He was saying to well.  I have allowed the distractions of life to get in my way of spending authentic time with God.

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is check my e-mail… distraction.  The second thing I do is check Facebook…distraction. And after that I do a myriad of things before I even sit down with God to have some quiet time. By this time the quiet has long since gone and my mind is on what I need to do for the day… more distractions.   This is when the lying begins.  Here is when I begin telling myself that I will have my quiet time later when I get everything done that needs to be done.  Right.  That never happens.  I go from one thing to the next thinking I’ll get there God, but most of the time I don’t.  I tell myself that once my son goes to work in the afternoon, I will have all afternoon and evening to commune with God and study His word and while that is true, I never quite get there.  The time is available, but I am now engrossed in binge watching “Live PD”.  (A very uplifting and positive show).  So now comes the ultimate lie… “I’ll just start over tomorrow and I’ll do better”.  Nope, same things, different day.

Has this ever happened to any of you?  I feel it has. I cannot be the only one. I am not trying to sound legalistic about wanting to spend time with God. I am not saying that He loves me or you any less for failing to make Him priority #1. No, He loves us just as much.  The problem lies with how much we love Him.  I do not show a great deal of love for Christ when I cannot turn off the TV and spend the afternoon with Him.  I know people who love God who would love the amount of time I have available just to sit at His feet. I am very blessed with a lot of free time.  But this still does not motivate me to lose the distractions.

Now that I have this confession out there, and now that you may be doing a little soul searching on this topic, I feel like I can make some serious changes as to how I spend my days.  God needs to be the priority throughout my whole day.  Less TV, and social media…more God.  I am so glad God is a God of grace because I am certain will have a few more days like this one.

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