Encouragement, Mental Health

Refreshment for your Soul

As you well know, having a mental illness is exhausting.  The constant monitoring, the medication, the therapy, the misunderstandings, the stigma, all are extremely taxing on a person’s soul.  I find that at the end of the day I am mentally and physically spent.  I am desperate for some rest and refreshment.  Sometimes all I want to do is crawl up on God’s lap and lament about the hard day or hard week I just went through.  God is where I find my refreshment.  He knows me, so I don’t have to be concerned abut putting my best foot forward with Him.  Nothing I do or have done is a surprise to Him.  I have no need to be afraid of how He sees me because He loves me unconditionally.  It is in this safe place that I find my strength.  I have a room in my home that is specifically set apart for spending time with God, uninterrupted time.  In this room, the presence of God is great.  My granddaughter, who is five, likes to go into this room because she says it “quiets her insides”.  That is what being in the presence of God does for me as well.  He quiets my insides.

Have you ever been so thirsty that your mouth is like a desert?  All you want is some liquid relief.  That is God.  He washes us in refreshing love. He soothes us.  His words are life to us. I know when I have not spent enough time with God because my soul gets thirsty.  I become agitated, irritable, and sad.  My illness begins to take top billing in my life instead of God. Sometimes I do not readily realize this, and I get so far into myself that finding God again can be challenging.  This is when the Lord says, “Come away with me, you need to be filled”.  I go into my prayer room and spend hours talking to Jesus. I read His word, pray, and meditate and I find that I am now ready to face another day.

I find I cannot go very long without spending time in God’s presence.  I try to spend time each day relaxing with the Lord.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not, but on those days where I cannot spend quiet time with God, I feel it.  Being in God’s presence is such refreshment for me that I crave it.  I can find no better way to fill up my soul and it allows me to get ready for what is coming.  If you find yourself tired and worn, try to get away with God for a few hours.  The change in your soul will be amazing and you will find that you cannot imagine ever spending a day without Him.

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