Encouragement, Mental Health

A Quiet Spirit

I know when we are in the midst of our mess, no matter what it may be, a quiet spirit may be hard to maintain.  We tend to rail against our situation, saying “it’s not fair”.  We want resolution, possibly even revenge.  We want to be angry and self-righteous, and we want to have the biggest pity party ever to be had.  But that is not what God says we should do.  We may be mad at God for our circumstances and the last thing we want to hear is the Holy Spirit tapping on our heart trying to steer us in a different direction. A direction that leads away from our problems and into God’s perspective.  I know when this happens to me, I tend to dig in my heels and try to stay in my mess. To revel at how much I am suffering and how I don’t deserve this. Misery loves company so if I  can find someone to commiserate with, then all the better.  But when I sit down with my Bible, only to complain to God about where I am and how He let this happen, I am reminded that Jesus suffered so much more.  He was abused, battered, beaten, accosted, and yet, He went through His pain without a word. He didn’t run and complain to Peter at how unjust His punishment was.  He simply went to His Father to gain strength to endure.  Wow. How I fall short of the mark. Jesus always had a quiet spirit.  Even when He was indignant at the money changers in the temple, He still had a quiet Spirit.  I wonder if I can achieve this?

Having a quiet spirit has never been something that has been described about me by others.  When I am manic my spirit is everything but quiet and when I am depressed, I am turned inward and self-demeaning, my spirit is disturbed and anxious. Everything but quiet.  So how does one attain a quiet spirit?  We must turn to the Word of God for this answer.  We read in 1 Peter 3:4 “but let it be [the inner beauty of] the hidden person of the heart, with the imperishable quality and unfading charm of a gentle and peaceful spirit, [one that is calm and self-controlled , not over-anxious, but serene and spiritually mature] which is very precious in the sight of God”. (Amp. Italic’s mine). So, seems pretty black and white.  God has set down in His Word  as to what a quiet spirit is.  Self-controlled, calm, not anxious, serene, spiritually mature.  Can that be the answer?  Once we become spiritually mature, will a quiet spirit be the result?  I feel this may be the key.  We, as sufferers with mental illness, need to put more due-dilligence in becoming mature believers. Our spirits, because they tend to be a little out of control at times, need to be reigned in more sternly than others. ( at least mine does.  If your’s does not, then I apologize). But speaking for myself, my spirit can run away with me and before I know it, it has control.  I need to make sure I am subduing it and not the other way around.  The only way I have found to do this is to spend time with God, both in His word and in His presence.  Prayer calms my spirit and when my spirit is quiet, then God can speak into my life; the Holy Spirit can come alongside of me and guide me into all truth. I have a tremendous calling upon my life and I cannot live this out without the Lord’s help. So if being spiritually mature is an answer to this question, then I’m all in.  I have become a serious student of the Word and the more I know the more peace I have and peace leads to a quiet spirit,  Try spending time in the Word and prayer and see if your spirit quiets before your God.  I know it will.

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