Encouragement, Mental Health

Parched Soul

I am sure there have been many times in your life that you have had a parched soul.  I know I have been through it.  When I don’t spend enough time with God in prayer and Bible study, I get dry.  I need God to fill me so I can face what is happening in my life, whatever that may be.  But, sometimes, I forget this.  I go about my days doing and being and wandering far from God’s presence.  It isn’t that I forsake my faith. No, I am usually working diligently for God and doing all the things I think God wants  me to do.  But somewhere in the middle of working for God, something slips.  I start to feel tired and empty, even sometimes irritable.  It is a time where I am ripe plucking for the enemy.  Satan knows my weakness and it is my mind.  Since my illness affects my moods and my thinking, this is where the enemy usually strikes.  I get weary and can fall into suggestions the enemy makes such as ” you are not worthy to work for God” or ” look at how you are acting, God is not pleased with you”.  I know these are attacks and I know who they are coming from but, sometimes I do not recognize it at first. It may take several days of asking God “what is wrong with me?”  Then, gently, I hear God’s voice in my spirit saying “you have wandered from me”.  And then I get it.  I have wandered from God’s presence and His grace.  I need to draw back in.  I need to spend time sitting with Jesus, allowing Him to dispel the lies of the enemy and to refresh and refill me.  I need to know I am loved and that God is not disappointed in me.  I think this is important for everyone.  We all have our moments of weakness, when we find ourselves wondering what is wrong with us.  When this question pops up in our mind, we can be assured that a lack of the presence of God in our everyday lives is what is wrong.  It is the question God is using to draw us back in, far from the enemies grasp.  Satan may have power but God is greater.  Jesus said in 1 John 4:4 ” You are of God, little children, and have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”.  We need to remember this when the attacks come.  And they will.  Satan’s main goal in life is to destroy God’s children but if we remember this verse we can stand assured that we are sealed by the blood of Jesus and nothing can harm us.  We are children of God and He always protects His children. When you feel parched or attacked, draw in to Jesus, He is waiting.

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