Encouragement, Mental Health

, But God

I have found in my years of living with Bipolar disorder that it is a condition that is fluid as opposed to stagnant.  There is a definite beginning to any mental illness which can come on gradually or come in like a storm and turn your whole life upside down.  Mine occurred gradually with a the culmination resulting in a suicide attempt…actually three.  Mental illness can be like the tides of the sea, ebbing and flowing at will.  Sometimes we are in control and sometimes the disorder takes over. Just when we think we have a handle on our lives, something comes along, acting as a trigger and off we go.  This trigger, as I have learned, does not necessarily have to be something negative in nature.  Actually it can be something very good and exciting, but stress is stress and our minds cannot differentiate between good and bad stress. For instance, I tend to trigger off at Christmas time.  I love Christmas.  The sights and smells, the baking and shopping. I love all of it but invariable, it  sends  me into a manic episode.  I am sure you have experienced something similar.  Since my Bipolar disorder leans toward mania more than depression, I find it difficult to stay on  level ground when something exciting is happening.  But there are two words that I turn to in the midst of my mess that bring me hope and wholeness. ” But God!”  When I remember that God is always present, both in my mania’s and in my stability I am reassured that this episode is temporary and my God is in control.  This gives me the strength to continue day-to-day until God returns me to a stable condition.  So when my Bipolar meets my God, the God who lives in me and whom I serve lovingly,  my Bipolar has to back down,  It is not greater than my God.  All I have to do is go to my Abba, Father, crawl into His lap and allow him to hold me until the healing comes.  This may take weeks, or days but my God is fully capable of restoring me back to a level mindset.  I never  doubt God’s goodness or His love for me and you know what? He loves you just as much! How great is that! The God of the universe loves you and desires to make you well.  Whatever you are going through right now, God is bigger.  He is bigger than the depression, bigger than the anxiety, bigger than the fear.  You merely have to confess Jesus Christ as your Savior,  let Him into your heart and call upon His name and He will bring healing and wholeness to your life.  It’s not complicated.  God makes it very simple.  Just call on His name and He is faithful. Always faithful. Faithful in the midst, to rescue and resotre you. To hold you and keep you. And He is waiting. Always faithful.

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