Encouragement, Mental Health

The Struggle

As a person who struggles with mental illness, specifically Bipolar Disorder, sometimes facing the day can be daunting. All that looms ahead, no matter joyful or not, can paralyze me with dread and fear. I have been heard to say that “the bravest thing I do is to get out of bed in the morning”. This is not an exaggeration. There are so many mornings I just want to cover my head with the covers and stay in bed all day. But, I know I can’t. I cannot hide from the world. I have things I need to accomplish, but that alone cannot motivate me to pull back the covers and face my fears. However, there is one thing that does. I have a date with my Father. Not my earthly Dad but my Heavenly Dad. The King of the universe is waiting for me! He desires to talk with me and listen to me. He loves me no matter how fractured I think I am. My self worth is found in Him and Him alone. I am not my illness. God does not see me as my illness, no. He sees me as His child. His precious daughter. The one He loved so much that He sent His son to die for me. And He sees you that way as well. You are not defined by the label of your illness. You are not defined by the opinions of others, your are not even defined by your opinion of yourself. You are defined by the love and grace of your loving Father. The God of the universe adores you! So when you are tempted to stay in bed and hide from the world, remember, your Dad is waiting for you.

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